Getting a chuckle

SUMMARY: John Rose ('86) uses humor to give readers an escape from the pressures and worries of daily life. The road to establishing John Rose’s (’86) career as a cartoonist was paved with a lunchtime meal of Cocoa Puffs—which he’d one day choke on following a phone call from Fred Lasswell, the cartoonist behind the renowned Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comics. He’d sent Lasswell a packet of work samples, expecting to receive rejection. It was common in the industry to face multiple “thanks,

Quiet Hours

Sarah Choi sits in the back of Chairlift at Brenner Pass, sipping on a can of Waterloo sparkling water. She overlaps her two phones — one for client accounts and the other for personal use — and sets them atop her "Don't Be a B*tch, Be an Alpha" journal, an ode to her sister's upcoming book. Choi looks down at two raspberry macarons resting on a tinted plate and delicately arranges them to capture the scene for her Instagram story. "What's your Instagram?" she asks cheerfully. "I want to ta

On A Roll

There’s a lot to be said for simplicity when it comes to sushi. A well-sourced cut of tuna or yellowtail doesn’t need much more accoutrement than rice and a bit of soy sauce — and, if you’re in Japan, a blob of wasabi which is customarily served on sushi rather than alongside it. But there’s a certain allure to those over-the-top sushi rolls. You know the ones — usually featuring multiple types of seafood and any combination of fruit, crunch and sauces, they typically run $13-17 and fall under